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Elemix EXtraDonut McBob JR Demetri Ford Triple-Q

Function RambunctionEdit

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The Function Rambunction guy.

Function Rambunction was founded in 1978 in a run down disco club by a gang of dubious tramps. The notorious ex drug runner Jroc, with over 200+ drug related murders and baby blood on his hands he is a dangrous man. The two-timing car pifler Mcbob who had a crime record longer than he latest 2004 beatles album. Extradonut, A burnt out drug attic with a bad attitude and three limp fingers. Triple-Q, who recently had to leave the group to rescue his mother who fell down the world's deepest hole. And finally elemix, a transsexual non-binary hooker from hell.

This is Function Rambunction, this is real, this is now.

Mega64 is not funnyEdit

suck a nut.


score of sports


sports wins

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