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Average Gameplay.

Mount & Blade: Warband Is the only game I can run on my computer.


Gameplay in Mount & Blade: Warband is atrocious yet you can't stop playing it. Gameplay consists of you trying to hit someone but the hitboxes are all fucked up and it never gets anywhere ever. You can swing all you like Mr. Russian but that would change that fact that your 200000000 ping will make you useless. Get back Russian, I do not fear you.

Single player consists of a dull overworld map where you ride around on a horse conversing with the varisous lords and kings of the land of calradia. Will you Mount and blade the kings of the land or will you be mounted and bladed by your foes...?


This game has 0 graphics so your wooden computer can run it.


The Mount & Blade: Warband community is made up of European Ne'er-do-wells you can't play for shit. You think they'd be good because they play so much but NO! They can't do anything right.

North American plays are eh so no one cares.

Modding & The Anglo Zulu war.Edit

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Heres why this game doesn't suck. It has some one greatest mods ever because you can do this. The Anglo-Zulu war was probably the apex of amazing modding. Based upon the Anglo-Zulu war where the British waged war against the Zulu kingdom you figh waves and hordes of black men and women. If you're an idiot you probably think it's racist however it was really cool when the servers were populated and you could make fun of the bad european players.
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Zulu warriors make a daring attack on a British position.

However the the decline of interest the mod is dead. After being so bad the europeans gave up and the mod died.

The B-balling beginsEdit

A submod for the Anglo-zuluwar called "attack of the lakers" was released by Elemix on some forum for the Europeans to enjoy.

They didn't really like it that much.