SOL5 is a computer software operating system released in April of 1993 by brothers Eddol and Gene Nakamohagonako Of SolSoft, ltd. It is the first and fifth of the quadrilogy under the SOL label, and is packaged only with the Packard-Bell cum-550, as an agreement between SolSoft and Packard-Bell to drive themselves into the ground as a race to see who will hit chapter 7 bankruptcy first.

History Edit

In January 1990, In a blind fit of courage and determination, the Nakamohagonako brothers sought to acquire a business partnership with packard-bell, without having realized they had been released from the company days before its near-immediate liquidation of all employees toward NEC and Sony, where they would work as code grunts and human toilets in order to pay off debts owed to literally every fucking japanese tech corporation since the 1970's.

Regardless, the Nakamohagonako brothers, as a last-ditch effort, gathered all their resources to reclaim the brand  and then see if they could lure in any unsuspecting suckers to see who would buy into their OS proposition. By July  28th of 1990, the last 2 employees of SolSoft joined forces with Packard-Bell to begin work on an operating system, originally pitched to them as medical software that would be used to scan urine-bladder density. When they determined that proper hardware would be too fucking expensive, they instead settled to ransack former business partner SEGA of hardware to develop the cum-500. when lawsuits were pressed against both Packard-bell and SolSoft after uncovering footage of Gene Nakamohagonako stealing nearly 500 Sega TeraDrives from the premises, the charges were waived by the jury after determining that Sega had left the gate open to their base of operations, making all actions made by both Packard-Bell and SolSoft deemed legal under the proper jurisdiction.

By 1992, test runs of the Sol5 Operating System running on 500 Sega Teradrives were made available to the public during Japan's Nihon SF Taikai. It had a working clock, and a musical disk bootup, and even a cursor. One person was noted saying it was "epic".

Sol5 was finally released on its Packard-Bell cum-500 behind a trainyard at a swap-meet On April 14, 1993, garnishing absolutely no reviews.

Specifications Edit

SOL5 Desktop 2x

pictured in this image is the YM20 Rom loader and a cursor.

The final release of the Sol5 system package was built to play cartridges of Sega Genesis games as a means of giving a giant 'fuck you!' to their earlier prosecutors. It came with a monitor that displayed 340x224 resolution with a refresh rate of 1. It also had a keyboard maybe but it definitely had a mouse i swear on ham&cheese it did.

When loading the boot disk, all items required to boot properly must fit within the time frame of the music that plays concurrently. If not, parts of the hard drive must be allocated to 3rd-party external memory drives in order to properly load.