Steam was invented by Game tycoon Gabe Newell. He makes a lot of money off of steam. It's a fucking cash cow. and you AREN'T going to make any money off of it. Give it up Russian, I know you. You shall not get it, you may try but you will fail. Just go away.

What Steam Provides.Edit

If you're into child porn and bad indie games please buy steam games. you cannot go wrong buying steam games. I bought two games the other day and i dont regreat my purshure. These games are great. But what will it take to get you to buy steam games? money? power? how about pussy? You can't need any of that because buying steam games will get u nothing in life, stop it.

What can you expect from steam.Edit

Quality service with good progeams that will have you playing for hours. these games are fun and will have you playing for hours. please by me steam games i like them very muuch.

The Steam Community.Edit

Ss (2014-05-24 at 05.19.47)
Pretty much.