Tonic head


Tonic thehedghog is one of the greatest sonic recolours to ever come into being. He enjoys copius amouts of sexual inter course with shemales and horses. Tonic lives in the czech republic with his friend Lime the hedeghog who is also a pretty cool dude.

Origin StoryEdit

Tonic was born july 4 1973 in a Quatar disco room. It is unkown what Tonic parents are or who they are but people are sure that they were terrible parents. At an early age Tonic enjoyed playing with his foreskin and biting at it, this led to many infections causing a penis implant that made his dick two inches longer than it already was. Tonic meet his best friend lime in 1987 at the first opening of the first Imax movie theatre. at first the two argued then began a super sonic foot race. Lime lost and was forced into exile to Estonia. he came back soon so it was k.

In 2008 tonic made a bunch of friends and had his own tv show called "Tonic and friends". tonic and friends ran for two seasons before being takin' off the air by Canadian tv show hosts. tonic even had his own movie but it sucked so much that everyone in his home country qatar died.

March 2009 Estonia warEdit

The Czech Republic declared war on Estonia on the grounds for being a shitty fucking nigger country. Tonic fought in the war. In the war Tonic fought along side the Czech republic with his comrade in arms, Lime the hedeghog. The two fought at the battle of Shitty nigger creek where lime was shot in the leg and was sent home. Before the fight Lime showed a picture of his girlfriend to Tonic sealing his fate during the war. "What a fucking idiot." Tonic muttered to himself after seeing lime sent home in a body bag.

Collecting the Chaos emeralds To resort LimeEdit

After the war Tonic took it apon himself to find the chaos emeralds to restore Lime the hedgehog's life after he was killed in action. Tonic searched the earth with his Good friend Ollio the humanhog for the chaos emeralds. Before grabbing the last emerald he was betrayed by the dastardly Ollio for the chaos emeralds. "you fool" Ollio exclaimed "The Chaos Emeralds belong to me and me alone!". The Tonic and fwends movie is based apon these events. After Tonic shot Ollio with his P-90 he brought lime back to life. Everything was good once more.


Tonic is a slick yellow gold with red shoes. His shlong is 5 inchs which is pretty big for a fucker who is 3 foot tall.

  •     He does not wear clothes.
  •     He's cool.
  •     Tonic is NOT gay.